Hey everyone, this section is still under construction.

But in the meantime, please, feel free to enjoy photos of my dachshund, Franz Ferdinand Kafka.

Sarah Burt Franz_1562 copy.jpg

Franz Ferdinand Kafka

I firmly believe that my human is good at her job. How else would she keep me swimming in Rachel Ray's Nutrish and new bowties?

Sarah Burt Franz_1679 copy.jpg

It's still me.

The human's website was hacked, and now she's working on getting testimonials that she can put here instead of pictures of me hamming it up.

Sarah Burt Franz_1754 copy.jpg

Oh look, it's me again.

Wouldn't you rather see pictures of me being silly than read boring old testimonials? Maybe not. Anyway, here's one for the Christmas card.

Sarah Burt Franz_1692 copy.jpg

Hey there!

I promise that my human is not one of THOSE pet owners. I don't have my own Instagram... anymore.

Sarah Burt Franz_1748 copy.jpg

You don't want to see this face in person.

This is my angsty teen ween face. It means I'm sleeping on the couch only to cry at your bedroom door at 2 a.m.